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Hazardous Waste Management Program

Hazardous Waste Management Program

Location: Midwest Petroleium Products Company

EMA Hazardous Waste Management Program

Since August 2012, EMA has managed the Hazardous Waste program for a large Midwest petroleum products producer. The site develops and manufactures petroleum additives, including performance fuels, refinery additives, driveline products, engine oils, and industrial products.

EHS Assistance

EMA performs a range of onsite services encompassing the entire hazardous waste lifecycle including: monitoring, scheduling, handling, shipping, accounting, and reporting. Typical services include:

  • Weekly inspections — 90 day accumulation area
  • Coordinate and schedule all hazardous, non-hazardous, beneficial reuse, recycled oil products, and solid waste
  • Label, package, and prepare containers for shipment
  • Prepare paperwork for hazardous, non-hazardous, and beneficial reuse shipments
  • Coordinate pickups for off specification products at Afton’s affiliate facilities
  • Provide invoice information for beneficial reuse materials
  • Maintain records for all hazardous, non-hazardous, beneficial reuse, and environmental related files
  • Monitor and schedule solid, special, scrap metal, and construction waste
  • Monitor/Troubleshoot air monitoring equipment & cylinders
  • Provide waste analysis reports as requested
  • Submit quarterly, annual, and specialized reports to the State of Illinois
  • Sampling and measurements as needed
  • Decant and drum byproduct material (3000 gallon trailer quantities)
  • Collection and packaging of recycling material (used batteries, Hg waste, light bulbs


Being on site, EMA has been able to identify opportunities to recover and recycle waste products. EMA’s waste recycling program has reduced the producer’s operating cost by recovering and remarketing waste materials and byproducts that would otherwise require expensive disposal. EMA’s program reduces costs that would otherwise be incurred for handling, shipping, disposal, and documentation.

Plant Maintenance

EMA provides a range of hazardous waste related services on a project basis. One example of a project completed in May of 2013, EMA successfully removed waste materials from a 5,000 gallon horizontal tank. The project was completed without incident, on time and within the projected budget.

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