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EMA helps companies nationwide
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Regardless of where you're situation is located, EMA is ready help you find solutions. While each project presents unique challenges, we approach every project with the same goals in mind. On the cost side we minimize your exposure through efficient project execution and predictable project management. And on the income side we develop innovative revenue opportunities through recycling and chemical recovery whenever possible. The result is an environmentally viable and financially optimized alternative to traditional waste elimination.

Here are just a few of our recent projects. Contact us for more information, or to discuss the details of your situation.


Arsenic Contaminated Soil

Provided project management and field resources for the excavation and stabilization of approximately 85,000 cubic yards of arsenic contaminated soil. On-site stabilization was successfully performed to bring the levels below RCRA levels. The transportation and disposal logistics were coordinated for off-site non-hazardous waste disposal. Finally, EMA installed a new storm sewer system.

Exploratory Trenching and Test Pitting

Provided all project management, field resources and equipment for the exploratory trenching and test pitting (approximately 40 trenches at 40’ by 4’ by 25’). The trenching work was completed in Level C and Level B PPE. Supported Sonic and Conventional drilling and sampling in Level B and Level C PPE.

Plant Site Remediation

EMA was retained to provide labor and equipment for the remediation of a former manufactured gas plant site (MGP). EMA’s responsibilities included excavation and loading of Subtitle D and Subtitle C soil, collection and storing of excavation water, assisting the shoring contractor during the tie-back installation and de-tensioning and backfill import/installation. The total volume of soil excavated was approximately 40,000 tons while collecting and storing approximately 1,200,000 gallons of excavation water.   MORE


It used to cost $300 per drum to dispose of it. Now EMA pays us instead.

Letter from a New Orleans customer.
I came across EMA (Environmental Management Alternatives) of St. Louis, Missouri, a couple of years ago. EMA works in alternative measures when dealing with waste products. They are actually able to turn waste into a sellable product. We were able to work with them to dispose of waste drums from drained heels on tank trailers at different truck terminals. This has resulted in big savings by decreasing the amount of trailer washes and expanding our top load guidelines.

EMA actually buys the drums from our terminals, saving our truck terminals approximately $300.00 per drum for disposal cost. They label and transport the drums to a manufacturing plant where they make spec products out of the material.

We are now evaluating removal of heels from rail cars and using EMA’s closed loop system to clean the cars on site. Pending chemical analysis, we are also considering the possibility of cleaning other rail car products on site. We normally pay a disposal fee to burn off these materials, which adds up fast when you include rental truck fees, prepping the trailers for loading, berm rental fees, trailer moves, and cleaning fees after the trailers are released.

EMA purchases 235,000 gallons of #6 oil

EMA has successfully completed a project that involved the recycling of 235,000 gallons of #6 Oil from two 150,000 gallon tanks. The client was looking at disposal options prior to EMA involvement in the project. EMA provided manpower, equipment and all logistics including all necessary paper work for all oil shipments. All oil shipments were shipped on Bills of Landing and were not manifested. EMA remarketed the oil into secondary fuel markets with a net around $250,000.00 paid to the client. The project was successfully complete on schedule in 4 weeks.

EMA buys slop oil from refinery for over $200,000.

EMA returned a storage tank to service after removing approximately 300,000 gallons slop oil. The refinery paid for disposal of similar waste material at a cement kiln in the past. EMA successfully re-marketed recovered materials in the secondary fuel market with a net return of over $200,000.00 paid to the refinery.

Largest Retail Gasoline Company

EMA designed a program for one of the largest gasoline retail outlet corporations in America with over 1200 outlets where low octane, high water and mixed gas and diesel that were being disposed. EMA instituted a process of responding within 24 hours to any outlet and processing the material back into the gas and diesel markets as prime on spec fuels. We provide a triple play of benefits: generating renewable energy, creating a revenue stream, and reducing carbon monoxide emissions.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

One of our clients operates a waste water plant that consumes approximately four tanker trucks per month of virgin ferric chloride. The total annual cost of ferric chloride at this plant is approximately $240,000. An EMA similar application of spent ferric chloride cost the plant $115,200 annually. That is an economic savings of almost $124,800. Every participant in this equation wins, from the ferric chloride generator to the end user. To sum it up here is a statement from a water treatment manager that currently gets a steady supply of spent ferric chloride, “I hope we can do a lot more beneficial reuse projects on our ferric chloride. It reduces our costs and gives us an advantage with our customers.”

Aluminum Extrusion Plant

EMA recycled 273,000 gallons of sodium hydroxide by-product in a three year period. We created a revenue producing product from a historical waste disposal stream, creating a Delta profit near $373,000 annually. We turned a liability into an asset and also reduced the end users raw material cost by 70%.

Calcium Hydroxide Recycling

EMA recycled 2,900,000 gallons of calcium hydroxide within a two year period. We provided 24/7 days per week emergency service and saved our client $812,000 in disposal costs. EMA accomplished our client’s goal of complete destruction without disposal.

Emergency Response

Baghouse Decontamination

Performed an emergency response to a multi-tiered pressurized baghouse loading facility to decontaminate the impacted areas. EMA’s customer had a single point of contact around the clock throughout the 72-hour response. EMA provided immediate dispatching of specialized vacuum trucks to minimize the dust emissions during recovery efforts. (Fort Smith, AR)

Railcar Release Recovery and Remediation

EMA provided emergency response personnel and equipment for a railcar release of Lysine 50%. The crew worked around the clock to recover free liquids and remediate the impacted waterways. Onsite drains were flushed and cleaned. Finally, a recovery maintenance program was established to maintain the waterways.

Railcar Repair and Bridge Securement

EMA supplied specialized railroad trained personnel and specialized Hi-Rail Rotary Dump trucks to assist in washout repair and bridge securement. The service areas encompassed Central Iowa to the Southern Missouri region. EMA had a single point of contact around the clock for the entire event.

Industrial Maintenance

Chemical Storage Tanks

Provided all project management, field resources and equipment required for decontamination and demolition of 120 chemical storage tanks. Managed the transportation and disposal of 3,000,000 lbs. of waste including, organic, inorganic, and oxidizer waste streams.   MORE

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Provided all project management, field resources and equipment required to drum and containerize approximately 8,000,000 lbs. of various hazardous waste for transportation and disposal. Additionally, EMA provided labor and equipment to clean approximately 200 vessels including railcars, intermodals, and above ground storage tanks.

Chemical Bulk Facility

Provided all project management, field resources and equipment required for the demolition of tanks, piping, and the loading area of a chemical bulking facility. Managed the loading and transportation of bulk storage tanks to be utilized at a different facility of the customer.

Barge Cleaning

Services Provided at Each Site

Air monitoring, PIC trained employees, multiple vacs & equipment, mobile vac trailer, dry cargo vacuum, hot water pressure washer units, hoses, coast guard approved employees and equipment (USCG).

Fueler and Tower

SITE SPECIFIC SERVICES: Clean and Rinse 4 Lube Oil Tanks, 1 Waste Oil Tank, 2 Fuel Tanks. Provide Hot Water Washing, Assistance with Stripping Compartments.

Repair Yard

SITE SPECIFIC SERVICES: Clean Starboard Fuel Tank and Potable Water Tank. Provide Hot Water Washing, Bio-Degradable Degreaser, and VAC Service.

Repair Yard

SITE SPECIFIC SERVICES: Clean Port Gearbox Area for Repairs to Hull. Provide Hot Water Washing, Degreasing and VAC Services.

Customer: Chemical Manufacturer

SITE SPECIFIC SERVICES: Mobilized to Paducah, Kentucky. Provide labor and equipment to remove salvageable 50% sodium hydroxide heel for customers in plant recycling. Performed confined space entry.

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