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Emergency Response for Road, Rail, & Fixed Facility incident


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Services: Emergency Response

On-Call Highly Trained
Emergency Responders

Emergency Response

Providing emergency response services is a priority at EMA. When our team responds to a road, rail or fixed facility incident you can count on highly trained, professional responders to evaluate the site quickly and work efficiently and safely to minimize environmental impact.

EMA will work with you to contain costs and limit disruptions, while meeting regulatory compliance and minimizing liability concerns. We have a fleet of well-maintained equipment, and fully stocked response trailers for better response times and service.

The EMA Response Team is Highly Trained

  • OSHA 40 Hour
  • Confined Space
  • Level A, B & C Responses
  • Leaking Containers
  • Tanker Trucks
  • Accidental Releases
  • Load Shifts
  • Product Transfers
  • Disaster Responses
  • Roadway Worker*
  • e-Railsafe*
  • Tank Car Specialists*
  • Railcar Cleaning*
  • Leaks
  • Transfers*
  • Train Derailments*
  • Disaster Responses

*specific to railroad response training

EMA has Specialized Equipment to Handle Emergencies

  • Vacuum Trucks & Trailers
  • ER & Transfer Trailers
  • Product Transfer Equipment
  • Level “A” Capabilities

EMA Specialized Equipment for Railroad Emergencies

  • Hi-Rail Rotary Dump Trucks
  • Vacuum Trucks & Trailers
  • Transfer Trailers

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