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Services: Remediation

Eliminate Environmental Concerns;
or Correct Environmental Conditions

When you need professional environmental management, you can count on EMA. Whether it’s an emergency response to an accidental release or a coordinated action to correct pre-existing environmental concerns, our team of professionals will do the job right.

EMA will start with a practical approach — we’ll assess the site then provide you with solutions for remediation. Then we’ll take responsibility for the cleaning, removal, transportation, disposal and documentation to return your property to an environmentally safe condition.

EMA’s Industrial Remediation Process

1. Site Evaluation 2. Project Review 3. Cost Analysis 4. Environmental Health and Safety Approval 5. Schedule Approval 6. Project Implementation

Industrial Remediation Services

  • Safe handling of hazardous materials
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Rail Car Cleaning
  • Fuel Blending
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Soil Excavation & Recovery
  • Drum Handling
  • Effective Treatment & Storage
  • Proper Waste Disposal
  • Professional Cleaning & Demolition
  • Recycling of Marketable & Byproducts
  • Plant Decontamination
  • Hydroblasting
  • UST/AST Removal
  • Lab Packing
  • Demolition

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